Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will Glory Days Photos be photographing my team?

A: For Game Day shoots, you may or may not be contacted in advance.  We try to make a point of alerting all athletes that we have shot your event and posted photos.  All Portrait events are scheduled ahead of time and all athletes are contacted.  If you wish to use our services for your team, please contact us to make a request.

Q: What is the difference between the Game Day and Portrait products?

A: Game Day photos are taken during a competitive event while Portraits are posed photos.  Certain sports are more conducive to Game Day photos, particularly outdoor sports where lighting is good and team-oriented events where an athlete is depicted against an opponent.  Portraits may be better for indoor sports with poor lighting or individual events where the playing field, opponents or fans aren't of great significance.  A portrait session can provide a lot of flexibility as it can include flash, various backgrounds and wardrobes and use multiple takes to get the perfect image of the athlete.

Q: When will the photos by posted and how do I access them?

A: Photos will be posted as soon as the project is complete, either by the end of your season or perhaps earlier.  You can access the photos in the Galleries on the Home Page of our website. 

Q: What is the process for the photo shoots?

A: For Game Day photos, no planning or preparation is necessary on the part of the athlete.  Photographers will appear at the event, capture the action and post photos to the website.  For portrait sessions, several athletes will be photographed per session over a one to three hour time period.  We will coordinate with your team to develop a shoot schedule that works for everyone.  Athletes can make requests regarding location, group shots, wardrobe, etc during the signup process.

Q: Is any post-processing is applied to the photos?

A: Yes.  In today's world, all professional grade photos are processed.  We size, retouch, color/tone/contrast correct and sharpen images before uploading them to the website.

Q: Can I pay for my order by personal check?

A: Yes.  You can send a check to the following address, with your email, and will send you a coupon code:

Glory Days Photos LLC
PO Box 551
Highland Park, IL 60035

Q: What if I am not satisfied with the photos?

A: We want all of our customers to be satisfied with our services.  If you are not, we will help to find a solution whether it be a refund or another shoot.  We can always be reached easily through the "Contact Us" page of our website.